Christmas Activities 2018

We have great choice of Christmas cooking and baking classes and workshops for kids of all ages at Kids Cook in 2018. As well as the kids-only classes, we have a selection of classes for the family to take part in too! We have even thought of your family dog too!

Take a look below for more detail  of these great classes, there’s something for everyone.  Or click here for at at-a-glance look at our schedule or to make a booking.  Like to give one as a gift to someone? No problem, buy a Kids Cook gift voucher, or simply book a class for someone and give us their name and details when making the booking. We can provide a gift voucher to you to give to the lucky recipient, detailing the time and date of the class or camp.

Pre Christmas….. 

On December 8th we have a new Adult and Child Cookies in a Jar Class in Kids Cook! Come along with your child and put together a lovely edible gift for someone! The children will also help the teachers make a batch of cookies to share and taste!

 If you are near the Seamus Ennis ArtsCentre (Naul, Dublin), Kids Cook will be there holding a Cookies-in-a-Jar workshop on December 8th where you will assemble your own gift jar, decorate with label and take home to give to someone special! You will also make a bag of Magic Reindeer Food to take home for Christmas Eve!

You can’t beat the Christmas Cupcakes Adult and Child Class on December 15th. Enjoy some bonding time with the children, while making a present for someone special!

On December 18th we are holding a Christmas Baking Workshop for children age 8+ where they will make mince pies, Reindeer Shortbread, see how to make and decorate a Christmas Pudding Chocolate Biscuit Cake. They will bring home some of their baked treats!

Make Cookies for your Dog on December 19th, so they won’t feel left out on Christmas morning!

You can attend the ‘Cookies in a Jar‘ class at Kids Cook too on Thursday 20th. Here you will get to bake and bring home the cookies as well as the Gift Cookies in a Jar!

Bring your toddler to make Santa Cookies and Reindeer Food! On Friday 21st Dec
while the older kids are still in school, let your toddler take care of the cookies for Santa and of course Reindeer Food for Rudolph and his pals! Tick this job off your list!

On December 22nd and 23rd (TIME:12.00-1.00pm), we have a Santa Cookies and Magic reindeer Food Class for children age 5+. Drop them off to make their cookies for Santa and a bag of reindeer food (one job off your list!) *Children only to attend*

For the younger kids, aged 2-6, come along with them for the magical Santa Cookies and Magic Reindeer Food class  Adult and Child class also on December 22nd and 23rd (TIME:10.00-11.00am).*Adult and Child*

These classes sold out quickly last year, so book early to avoid disappointment!

On December 23rd, check out our Xmas Eve Eve Extravaganza from 2-5pm, for kids aged 5-12. They will cook and bake some great recipes that they can recreate at home. They all sit down together in our party room to eat pizza and cookies that they have made. And the grand finale, they bake and decorate a box of festive cupcakes to take home, along with their edible Xmas tree cookie decorations! What a great class for them to attend, while you finish off your Christmas preparations.

Between Christmas and New Year….

Take some time out with your child to bake and decorate some Sparkling Cupcakes on December 30th, or treat them to our New Year’s Eve Eve Sparkling party from 2-4pm.( Child only class age 5 years and over)

And When 2019 Arrives…..

how will you pass the time before they go back to school? Send them to our “Brain Food” Camp for 5-9year olds on the 2nd and 3rd  January. For the older kids, we have a choice of two great classes -a Bread Baking Workshop on January 2nd and our Tween Curry Club for 10-13 year olds on January 3rd . Both workshops last 3 hours, from 1:30-4:30.   And don’t forget to check out our great range of regular classes and Cooking Clubs which will start up again in January 2019.


For more details of any of the above classes, browse the Christmas Activities section on our website or click on the name of the class on our class schedule here.