Class Calendar

Adult and Child Baking Class2yrs+25-Nov-2017Saturday10:00 -11:00am1hr €25
Adult and Child Xmas Gift Class2yrs+9-Dec-2017Saturday9:30:00 -11:00am1hr €28
Adult and Child Xmas Cupcakes Class2yrs+16-Dec-2017Saturday10:00 -11:00am1hr €28
Adult and Child Santa Cookies & Reindeer Food2-6yrs23-Dec-2017Saturday10-11am or 12-1pm1hr€20
Xmas Eve Eve Extravaganza5yrs+23-Dec-2017Saturday2-5pm3hrs€35
Adult and Child Sparkling Cupcakes Class2yrs+30-Dec-2017Saturday12:00 -1:00pm1hr 15mins€28
New Year's Eve Eve Sparkling Party5yrs+30-Dec-2017Saturday2:00 -4:00pm2hrs€22
Jan Camp5-9 yrs03-01-2018Tue-Wed10:00am - 12.30pm2.5 hrs x 2 days€55
Indian Cookery workshop10-13yrs03-Jan-2018Wed1:30pm - 4:30pm3 hrs €37
Bread Baking Workshop10-13yrs04-Jan-2018Thurs1:30pm - 4:30pm3 hrs €37