Classes at Kids Cook

Kids Cook runs a range of cookery courses and cooking lessons for kids of all ages all year-round. The classes take place in a fantastic cookery school designed especially for children. Kids Cook is located in Clonee, on the border of Dublin and Meath. We are just off the N3, minutes drive from the M50, so is easily accessible from all parts of Dublin, Meath and Kildare.

For details of specific, upcoming classes and courses which are available to book, use the drop-down menu under Classes & Courses to browse and select the one you are interested in for more details. Or for an “at-a-glance” view of our current schedule, click here.

At Kids Cook, we run a variety of cooking and baking classes for kids from age five years and older. For younger kids, who are too young to come on their own to class, we also offer adult & toddler or adult & child classes.
Our courses are tailored for specific age groups and typically run once a week for 4-6 weeks at a time, either after-school or at the weekend. They usually run only during school term time. During school holidays, cookery camps for kids from ages 5 – 13 are available. See our Camps section for more details.

Some of our courses are general, some are specific, but they are all hands-on classes, which encourage children to taste and experiment with different types of food as they are taught basic cooking and baking techniques. Working in groups make these classes very sociable and interactive. They eat what they have cooked and always take a little bit home for parents. All ingredients are included and aprons are provided. Cooking techniques and recipes are age-appropriate.

Typical class at Kids Cook

After School ClassesArrive, wash hands, put on aprons, divide into groups around a work-station. The teacher stands at the teacher’s station at the top of the class and outlines the plan for the class. Recipes are written on the class blackboard for everyone to follow. They work through each recipe in groups, step by step, watching the teacher at her work station (using the overhead camera and wall-mounted TV). She will come around to each workstation to lend a hand, as will the teacher’s assistant.

The atmosphere is relaxed, each child is given the space to ask questions and make suggestions. Students are encouraged to look through cookery books and get ideas. They can suggest things they would like to learn to cook and we try to incorporate that into the course.

kids-cook-1220In addition to cooking skills, they also learn about food hygiene, cooking terminology, good table manners and the importance of keeping workstations tidy. While waiting for food to cook, we do food quizzes or play food-related games, depending on the age of the class participants.

At the end of the class, the kids and teachers all sit down to taste what they have cooked and have a chat. Everyone will get to eat some of what they have cooked and bring home the rest. The recipes for each class are made available to the students and they are encouraged to try them out at home. All the recipes used at Kids Cook are tailored to be easy for kids to recreate at home themselves with little supervision from parents. Again, this will vary by age of the child.

We are always delighted to receive feedback or suggestions about our cookery classes and courses. Please contact us at 01 825 2926 or email