Kids Cook Cookery Camps

Kids Cook runs cookery camps during all mid-term, Easter and Summer school holidays. If you are looking for something for your kids to do during the school holidays, a cooking camp at Kids Cook, the cookery school especially designed for children, is an ideal activity for kids of all ages. Due to our convenient location close to the M50, we get people from all over Dublin, parts of Kildare and Meath coming to our children’s cookery school. Kids Cook is located in Clonee, on the border of Dublin and Meath. It’s just off the N3, minutes drive from the Cavan/Blanchardstown exit of the N3.

How do I Book a Kids Cook Camp?

The easiest way to book is online. If you need help with your booking, give us a call on 01 8252926, or email

What Ages are Kids Cook Camps Available For?

Camps are divided into age groups – 5-9yr olds and 10-13yr olds. We occasionally run camps for teenagers.

When Are The Camps Running?

We run camps during Easter, Summer, Christmas, Halloween school holidays and all midterm breaks. For details and dates of upcoming camps, click here.

What times are Kids Cook cookery camps on?

For 5-9yr olds, 10am-12:30pm.
For 10-13yr olds, 1:30-4:30pm.

How long do the camps run for?

This depends on the age-group and school holiday period. Check out out schedule for details. We recommend that children attend the full camp to get the most out of it, but 1 or 2 day bookings are available if required.

What’s included in a Kids Cook cookery camp?

All tuition, ingredients, snacks, meals and drinks are included. Kids will eat a meal with their camp peers during camp and bring some of what they have made home for the family to try. Aprons are provided. Bring a food storage container to camp for the goodies to take home. Recipes are tailored to be age appropriate. Copies of all recipes used during the camp will be provided, to encourage everyone to try them out at home.

A Typical Day at Kids Cook Camp.

This is a fun, educational camp, where kids learn essential cooking and baking skills with their peers.

  • Welcome, wash hands, put on apron, meet the teachers and break into groups of 4 per work-station.
  • Make the first meal. Prepare ingredients and follow the steps and recipe with the teacher. Assistants on hand to help out. We use Kiddikutter safety knives so they can do it all themselves!
  • While the food is cooking, partake in games, art and food-themed quizzes.
  • Eat the prepared meal together.
  • Back to the kitchen for some baking.
  • Home time. Hang up the apron and take home a baked treat for the family!

What will my child learn at Kids Cook cookery camp?

Your child will learn a valuable, practical life skill that they can practice at home. They also benefit from the social interaction with their peers, learn to share, take turns and work in teams. The great thing about a cookery camp is that kids are developing mathematical, comprehension and fine-motor skills without realising it. Counting and measuring ingredients, reading and interpreting recipes and teacher’s instructions require concentration. Tasks such as chopping, mixing, kneading, shaping, rolling and spooning help to develop fine-motor skills. There are many other benefits that children get from learning to cook, such as;

Independence – it’s important for everyone to learn to create at least a few meals. The younger the better. Knowing how to prepare and cook some simple recipes gives kids great independence.
 They can start by making their school lunch, snacks and smoothies, then help mum preparing family meals. Before you know it, your child will be making meals for you!

 – cooking is great fun, and in an environment such as Kids Cook, where the kitchen and equipment has been designed with kids in mind, and where the staff have the passion and patience needed to teach kids, you can’t get much better.

Sense of Achievement
 – while cooking in itself can be great fun, the feeling of having cooked or baked something from scratch is a big motivator for kids. We love to see the happy look on kids’ faces when they leave to go home, carrying their culinary creations with pride.

Chance to Experience New Tastes
 – when a kid is having all their meals cooked for them by a parent,their choice is obviously quite limited – they have to eat what their parents choose. When they take up cooking for themselves, a whole new range of possibilities opens up. We find that when they are here at Kids Cook, they will try foods that they never try at home, much to parents delight and surprise!

Learning About Nutrition
 – one of the biggest benefits of learning to cook is the positive effects it can have for health. At Kids Cook camps, we teach them about the properties and nutritional values of the food they use in their creations, giving them a better awareness of what’s good for them and what’s not, which foods are occasional treats and which foods they should eat regularly.