Kids Cook Policy on Child Protection, Welfare, Fire, Health and Safety

Kids Cook is a cookery school for children from the age of three upwards. Our goal is to create a safe, educational and fun environment where children learn how to prepare and cook a variety of foods.

Child Protection

The aim of Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children is to promote the safety and well-being of children. The safety and welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility; that children will have safer lives, where everyone is attentive to their wellbeing; and that people who work with children across a range of areas understand their personal responsibility for safe practice in their organisation, the reporting of concerns and co-operation with statutory bodies.

Our company policy is to use these guidelines to inform best practice in our workplace.

Lisa Halpenny (Director) is the designated person in Kids Cook to deal with matters arising out of concerns for the welfare of a child.


Kids Cook apply for Garda Vetting for all our staff. This process is done through Irish Vetting Services.

It is our policy to ask for two references for employees and have also asked our staff to inform us if they have received Garda clearance through another organisation.

Record keeping

The company keeps records on all children attending our term classes. These include medical details, information about any special needs of a child and emergency contact details.

Kids Cook does not keep records of children attending birthday parties/one day workshops and deem it the responsibility of parents of the children to inform staff of anything we need to know in relation to their children.

Kids Cook has an accident book where it will record any incidents and inform parents of any incident concerning a child on the day it happens.

The children attending Kids Cook are in a safe and secure environment.

Ways in which the team at Kids Cook ensure best practice in the workplace:

There is always (except in rare unforeseen circumstances) a minimum of two adults on site when classes/parties or workshops are taking place. An exception to this is when parents are attending with their children therefore ensuring more than one adult is present.

Any adult working in Kids Cook will not be alone with an individual child for long periods of time.

If a child is attending a birthday party, we will ask a parent to bring the child to the bathroom if assistance is needed. If this is not always possible, the staff at Kids Cook will assist a child if needed.

In this event, the staff member assisting the child will inform the second staff member that they will be assisting a child to the bathroom. The staff at Kids Cook will respect the wishes of the child at all times during this interaction and may assist the child if necessary. It is at the discretion of the member of staff whether to assist or not depending on the appropriateness and whether or not they are comfortable to assist.

The front door and back door are kept locked during events when access isn’t needed. This ensures people cannot enter the premises uninvited while an event is taking place. It also ensures a child cannot leave the premises unknown to staff. The key is kept in both doors so that in the event of emergency evacuation, access is possible. When an event is over, doors are opened to allow for collection of children and Kids Cook do not allow a child leave the building unless there is an adult present for them.

Procedure in case of a fire

There are fire extinguishers and a fire blanket on site, a working fire alarm system and clear access to exits. There are clear signs of where to exit in case of a fire.

The staff at Kids Cook will assist all visitors to Kids Cook and evacuate the building immediately. A staff member will assign themselves to each exit back and front and will be responsible for ensuring everyone gets out safely. The bin shed in the back car park is our designated meeting area. It is a safe distance from the school and is in the car park making it safer and easier to manage a group of children. Those who leave the building by the front door will be directed/escorted to the designated meeting area. Parents will be notified.

One of the staff will alert the emergency services.

Procedure in case of a medical emergency

There is a first aid box on site, some of our staff have basic first aid training. Small injuries will be tended to by us (small cuts etc) and anything more serious, parent and if required, emergency services will be contacted.
All accidents/incidents will be recorded in our accident book.

Kids Cook has received Fire Safety and Disability Certificates from Meath County Council. The validate and confirm that the facilities and the building meet all current legislative requirements regarding fire safety and disability access.

Kids Cook respects the needs, beliefs, religion and culture of children attending the school and will make every effort to facilitate children in these areas.


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