Thursday Cooking Club for 11-16 yr olds

Book here for this great cookery course for young people aged 11-16. Do you have a child this age interested in food and cooking? A Kids Cook after-school class is the ideal way for them to learn more about food and improve their cooking skills. In this course, we teach a variety of recipes and skills, so the students continue to build their learning.

Cookery Club – 11-16 yr olds Thursdays from 5-6pm

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During this hands-on course, we teach the kids a range of recipes and methods to help them to become more confident and skilled in the kitchen back home. We cover meals, snacks, breakfasts and some treats too. This is an educational, hands-on class, we will have fun in the kitchen, getting stuck in cooking and baking foods that will appeal to the whole family. We provide copies of all recipes so that the kids can try them out at home. The course also includes learning about food origins, nutrition, kitchen hygiene and introduces new foods and flavours.

In these classes, the kids work taught in small groups at a fully equipped work station. This makes these classes very sociable and interactive. They eat what they have cooked and sometimes take a little bit home! All ingredients are included and aprons are provided. Cooking techniques and recipes are age-appropriate. Students are advised to bring a food container to each class for taking home what they have cooked.

Typical class at Kids Cook

After School ClassesArrive, wash hands, put on aprons, divide into groups around a work-station. The teacher stands at the teacher’s station at the top of the class and tells them what they will be making. The recipe is written on the blackboard for everyone to refer to. The students follow the teacher as she demonstrates what to do, making each step of the recipe themselves in their group. She will come around to each workstation to lend a hand, as will the teacher’s assistant.

The atmosphere is relaxed, each child is given the space to ask questions, have time with teacher helping and watch close-up what the teacher is doing on the TV screen. We also encourage the students to look through cookery books and get ideas. They can suggest things they would like to learn to cook and we try to incorporate that into the course.

kids-cook-1220In addition to cooking skills, they also learn about food hygiene, cooking terminology, good table manners and the importance of keeping workstations tidy.
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