Fussy Eating Workshop

Take the stress out of mealtimes by learning how to help your fussy eater enjoy their food. This class looks at how to manage a fussy eater – with all the tips and tricks you need to encourage your little one to try new foods. Learn how to take the battle out of meal times and the stress out of packing that lunchbox. Our expert Dietitian, Sarah Keogh, will take you through all you need to know to manage fussy eating and help your child to get on the right track with good nutrition.

How can we help? Learn how to create an appetite that will help your child WANT to eat. Learn the common mistakes parents make that keep kids in the cycle of fussy eating – and learn how to avoid them. Learn techniques to get your child trying new foods and learn how to start enjoying meals with your children again.

Suitable for parents of fussy eaters of all ages!

Workshop length – 1hr 30 mins. First hour presentation, 30 minutes Q&A

Presentation by Sarah Keogh

Email info@kidscook.ie to register interest.